64ChesStreet has a game database with 173700 games sorted according to ECO-codes. Games are saved in ChessBase 6-7 format and can be replayed in ChessBaseLight, which may be downloaded free from ChessBase. with game collections from the most important tournaments since the year 2000. Language: English.

Ajedrez en Mar del Plata contains among other game collections from several Argentinian Grand Masters. The tournament reports are out of date.

Argedrez is a game database on the net, which try to aim at collecting games involving Argintinean chess players in a single place. Language: Spanish. - at the time of writing the game collection contains more than 17 million games. You can download a single game or download a set of games according to the desired opening or selection by ECO-key.

Lars Balzer has, as far as I know, the most extensive link collection to game databases on the net. If you really want to collect games, you should go here first. Language: English and German.

Base Française - 40290 games from various chess events in France can be downloaded from the homepage of Echiquier Quimpérois.

BrasilBase - a history of Brazilian chess through its players, games and tournaments. Language: Portuguese.

Chess 5 - ”your online chess database”. You can store your chess games onlineand send them to your friends, or let other members evaluate your chess games. This means of course that the quality of the games will vary considerably.

Chess Analyses - on Jan van Reek´s site you can download large annotated chess databases, game collections from super tournaments and matches between masters, and finally at least 150 games with classical endings.

Chess Archive has 42000 games from Grand Masters.

ChessBase Online Database contains millions of games. You can search for openings as well as players and game results.

Chessbites is an interactive game collection with games mostly by Russian players. Language: English.

Chess Database - this chess database (containing 37,000,000 chess positions out of 500,000 games and 700,000 computer analyses) annotates your chess game or position with reference games, sorted by strength of players. Within a few moments, your annotated game or position is available for download.

Chessella - this is a web site where you can upload and share your (preferably annotated) chess games. Emphasis here is on training, not search in a database. Therefore chess diagrams are printed in the games just before any critical move, so that you can stop at a diagram and try and guess the move. Language: English.

Chess Game Notation File Converter - this program converts games with chess notation in PGN-format from one language to another. If you collect games, it is a problem that the chess pieces are abbreviated differently in different languages. Converting ability from Greek, German, French, Italian and Spanish to/from English is already included in the program. But you might add your own converting languages to the program.

Chess Informant started its publications 1966. Its game collections can now also be bought in electronical form.

Chess Klinik has a game collection with 3 millions games sorted according to ECO-codes. IM Attila Schneider died unexpectedly on July 7 2003. Broken link.

Chesslib - more than 2 miljon games sorted according to ECO-codes may be downloaded from this well-designed website, managed by Arild Fredriksen, Norway. Besides it is possible to look directly at a great number of games via a Java game replayer. Language: English. Arild Fredriksen also submitted 2,8 million games in Scid-format (see Scid, that is a free database application) the 22/11 2002. You save time by downloading games in Scid-format instead of PGN. Of course you need Scid to replay the games, but Scid can also export the games to PGN. At the moment (19/10 2007) it seems only possible to download Nalimov´s tablebases. - chess website by Dusan Stamenkovic. Collection of over 1,1 million chess games in PGN format and over 500 chess engines.

Chess Openings Database contains 2,6 millions games in PGN format.

Chess Player´s Collection - 50000 master games annoted with the aid of Fritz ("annofritzed"). The games has either been collected from game collections on the web or from chess books. Responsible: Günther Ossimitz. Language: English.

Chess World has collected games in a number of usual and unusual openings to download in zipped PGN format.

Colorado Chess Games – collection of games and videos by Colorado chess players.

Francesco Costa´s Web Page on Chess is a large database with recently played games, which have been sorted according to opening. The openings are indicated in English, but the introductory comments to each opening and the downloadable files are often in Italian.

Detta´s downloadable chessgames with many games, especially from Germany. The games can be downloaded in zipped cbf-files. Language: English.

Encyclopedia of Chess Openings - Mike Leahy, the ”database man”, has created this database with one million games sorted according to ECO-codes. You can download the games in Bookup 2000 Express – how to do it is demonstrated by this informative web video.

ERK.DK - Erik David Johnson maintains a chess section with links to game collections, either in the form of zipped files or web based with games, which can be replayed instantly online. Language: Danish.

Falköpings Schacksällskap has constructed a help site making it easier to download games (sorted by players) from Pitt Chess Archives. with no less than 3861 files with games from tournaments from 1901 and onward.

Fischer´s 60 memorable games - for a start maybe.

Free Downloads of annoted Chess Databases - Jan van Reek has created this site, from which among other things annoted games from 19 super tournament, from Baden-Baden 1870 and onward, may be downloaded.

GreekBase - with games from 1984 and forward.

Lee Holder´s Chess Downloads is a list with game collections on the net. Consider the page as a complement to Lars Balzer´s link collection.

ICCF On-line Game Archive - about 16000 games in PGN-format.

Ingo´s Chess Office for You - every Wednesday 3000 to 6000 games are submitted to this site for downloading. Languages: German and English.

Internationale Partienarchive links on to most of the national game collections of importance.

La Regence, which is associated with notzai, the French chess news on the net, has a comprehensive collection with games from 1997 - 2001. Language: French and English.

Les supplies not only free game collections but also game collections on CD-ROM on-demand. Language: French.

Masterchessgames contains three million games sorted by ECO codes for download. Besides there is a webbased program, that identifies openings and shows win percentage for every single move.

Matthew´s page - you can find 3 million games to download free here.

NorBase is a game database with almost 28000 games collected from Norwegian tournaments.

OlimpBase is devoted to the history of the chess olympiads from 1924 onwards. The game collection is not yet complete. The database contains full tournament and players statistics, overall and for each event separately. Compiled by Wojciech Bartelski from Poland. Language: English.


Online has listed all games that have been played in the world championships since 1896. Besides you can replay these games directly on the web. Language: German.

Opening Masters - this chess database features a chess games collection with more than 6 millions of games (on the 5th of June 2011). Opening Master databases runs under Chessbase as well as ChessAssistant. The project is financed by membership fees. Opening Master is presently sponsoring the ICCF.

Partidas de ajedrez por apertura - this site contains a collection of recently played games, sorted according to opening, and downloadable. Language: Spanish.

Partite commentate - correspondence chess games commented by players, members of the Italian Correspondance Chess Federation, ASIGC.

Polbase includes more than 16000 games from tournaments played in Poland since 1918. Languages: Polish and partly in English.

Portabel Game Notation, article from Chess., which explains PGN.

PGN-Standard - one of the electronic formats in which games can be saved, is explained on this site.

Pitt Chess Archives, a classic, has a very comprehensive game collection. You can look for openings and players as well.

Schach-Datenbank has the ambition to gather all games from the most important tournaments from 1843 and forwards. So far Wilfried Günther has reached 1899. has a database with for example the 100 highest ranked male players in the world, the 20 highest female players inclusive some other players.

Svebas collects chess games, which have been played in Sweden. The project started 1998. The oldest game is from 1848. PGN-format.

TaL's Chess Page - a collection with about 100 different annotations of the famous game between Kasparov and Topalov in Wijk aan Zee 1999. The annotations include comments by several GM's, as Kasparov, Ftacnik, Seirawan, Short, Kavalek, Byrne, Winants, Speelman, Stohl and many others, and by some chess engines.

Target On Chess - Michael Wäsch has collected 360000 Grand Master games and 900000 games between chess engines for downloading. You can also learn a lot about hashtablebases, endgame-tablebases, books and book-making, tuning-tips, how to trade engine games and more on this site. Languages: English and German.

The World Chess Championship has collected games from the World Championships starting from 1886 and also from earlier unofficial World Championships.

Thomasollo - French pedagogic site about chess. Especially interesting is the list of game databases on the net. They are sorted according to ECO-codes and English is used as designations of the openings.

Interactive game collections - new webbased game database with direct search facilities.

Chess Lab was first in constructing an interactive game collection, containing 2 million games, on the net. The constructors of Chess Lab started the playsite Game-Colony, very well designed, during 2000.

As a good second one after Chess Lab ChessBase started an interactive game collection on internet. - Beda Kosata has created this interactive game collection, which contains 181235 games with 21891 players. You can use a PlayerIndex as well as an OpeningIndex.

GensUnaSumus - interactive game database, that started with 750000 games on December 5 in 2005. The goal is to update the database with 1000 games monthly. The membership fee is €12 annually. Language: English.

NICBase Online - New in Chess has a webbased game collection with about 900000 games (10/1 2003). 87000 players are represented.

Partidas commentadas (jugada a jugada) - a limited number of commented games, move by move. The section has been created by InterAjedrez and Ashanay together. Language: Spanish.

Wildchess is a free database on the net, which not only contains standard chess games. It is also a database for variants such as Suicide, Atomic, Loser, Wild and Crazyhorse played on most of the Internet Chess Servers. Languages: French, English, Spanish, Russian and Dutch.

On CD-rom

The big software producers, as for example ChessBase, Schröder and Chess Assistant, distribute of course also game collections on CD-rom.

Internet Service Team sells game collections on CD. Three CD:s with 5 million games in total.

Knut Neven sells a game collection on CD consisting of 2 million games. According to himself he has cleaned away all duplicates. produces - besides ClubMate - also game collections on CD. The SlipperyParrot Superbase contains more than 5 million games.

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