101 Chess Avenue by Ricky Carew contains some useful links.

Adam´s Homepage, links to his different home sites about openings, opening statistics, chess problems and how to beat a chess computer.

Ajedrez Callampa - the webmaster is a "young chess player" from Chile, who has created this site with information "from all corners of Internet". There are some player biographies. Language: Spanish.

AjedrezCS - Carlos Schmit has created this site, which contains a good many chess news, especially from Argentine. Language: Spanish.

Ajedrez de Ataque - for those who love attacking chess. The page contains selected attacking games, very often with sacrifices. The visitor will find "the romantic chess game, which has disappeared nowadays, and which dazzled so many in the end of the 19th century and the beginnning of the 20th". Language: Spanish.

Ajedrez del Paraguay - Walter R. Ojeda Valiente has created this nice and varied chess site with focus on chess life in Paraguay. Language: Spanish.

Ajedrez - el juego milenario contains some pieces of advice for chess players-to-be. Language: Spanish.

Ajedrez en Córdoba - Carlos Benjamin Lujan plays at the first table in the club Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, in Argentine. The aim of this site is to reflect and promote the chess activity in this big city. Language: Spanish.

Ajedrez Espectacular by Ricardo Guerrero Sanmartí, Catalan master, contains player biographies, games to view, chess problems and curiosities. Languages: Catalan and Spanish.

Ajedrez para monitores - a new Asturian homepage for "chess monitors" with news, articles and so on. The title is ambiguous, because "monitor" also might mean teacher, instructor, in Spanish.

Afichess contains a little of everything, among other things a biography about Capablanca. Besides you can download the chess engine Atlas. Language: Spanish.

A.J.´s Chess Home Page - A.J. Goldsby has chosen the seven best chess games, the best draw games etcetera, which ever have been played.

Gert von Ameln has written a children book, ”Salin und der schwarze Zauberer”, about chess in the form of an ”almost realistic adventure story”. His chess site contains also a lot else. Language: German.

Can Arduman has became Turkish chess champion five times.

Arshanay, or Joan Manel Marches Rios, has a site with news, strategy and tactics and commented games. Language: Spanish.

Bo Aurells schacksida is a chess site with commented games. Language: Swedish.

Nick Bego´s Website - ambitious Canadian site (in principle updates every day). Nick Bego teaches chess, sells books and keeps track of tournaments in both Canada and in the outer world. Many links.

Bekemann´s home page - Uwe Bekemann has a very well done homepage. You may download among other things his opening book about Petrov, the Cochrane-gambit (C42); there are games to replay and links. He is also responsible for the homepage of the youth section of Deutscher Fernschachverbund. Languages: German and English.

Dieter Bishoff Schachhomepage - Dieter Bischoff is one of the absolutely best blind chess players in Germany.

Dimitrije Bjelica Chess - Dimitrije Bjelica is a Serbian chess personality, writer and author of chess books, who also has met many celebrities in the chess world. Languages: Serbian and English. is intended to contain ”a bit of everything”. The webmaster, who admits that he is not a very good chess player, also reveals that he baptized the site Blubbie because of a goldfish with the same name. Language: English.

BrailleChessnet - a home page for blind and deaf-blinds made by James Gallagher, who himself is deaf-blind. There are links to similar resources.

Brunos Schachseite organizes among other things thematic tournament on the web. Language: German.

Bryan´s Chess World contains some interesting games and problems.

Caveman´s Chess Page by Ronny Ellingsen, Norway, with among other things tournament information and chess problems. Language: English.

Chaturanga is managed by Olaf Hilsansky. The site is well-constructed and contains everything imaginable about chess, though perhaps with the emphasis on electronic chess boards. Language: German.

Chess is today managed by GM Boris Kreiman. Artists play chess; chess players are also artists. Chess as art, chess as theme in the art, chess sculptures and chess in the world of cartoons.

Chess Campeona - Claudia Muñoz with roots in both USA and Mexico is a young promising female chess player, who aims high. Languages: English and Spanish.

Chess Clinic by IM Attila Schneider, who also offers other chess players space for presenting themselves. Language: Hungarian. Attila Schneider died in July 2003, but the Hungarian version of his homepage is still on the web.

Chess Collector contains reflections, game analysis and a set of photos with chess themes from the world of cinema. Stylish site. Language: French.

Chess Computer Collectors Site - a site, which aims to support collectors of electronic chess boards.

Chess dBase - Jaroslav Štún, a Slovak chess author and composer, has created this database, which contains more than 200 of his own chess problems of various categories: Fantasy chess, orthodox and helpmates etcetera. Language: English.

Chess Diagonals is managed by Mihajlo Savic, chess player, arbiter and international chess organizer from Serbia. He has also written ”Commentary on the laws of chess”. Languages: Serbian and English. contains news, training, artwork and selected games. Language: French.

Chess Japan was created by Kevin Robert Burns after moving to Japan.

Chess Reporter - Hangin writes chess reviews and meditates upon events in the chess world.

Chlodwig´s Chess Page with different articles and links. Language: English.

Chyss Chess contains among other things openings, player biographies and analyses, how chess players think and so on.

Paris Clerides - Cypriotic Master. Language: English.

Colm´s Chess Notes - Colm Daly´s, a former Irish master, home page.

Comment perdre aux échecs (How to lose in chess) - it is not very difficult to make progress in chess and the way to the chess paradise is supported in every way imaginable. But losing all the time, becoming a true loser - that requires exercise as well as perseverance.

Daniels schacksajt - small, but well-done site with chess history, glossary and other things. Language: Swedish.

Débuter aux échecs (previously Zugzwang) - Claude Papet addresses himself to the beginner and the average player, to all those who are aware of the fact that they never will become a Master, but who yet love the game and will go on fighting. Languages: French and English.

Decouvrez le monde des échecs avec Aristide (Discover the chess world with Aristide) – the young webmaster, who has created this charming page, also composes music. Language: French.

Denkschach - Jürgen Denk´s site contains a little of everything, among other things some player portraits. Language: German.

Derek´s Chess World with basic chess education, games and links.

Der Schachcookie 2003 - Thomas Siebe has a wide range, from criminology to chess. The chess section contains many position and game analyses. Language: German.

Detlev´s Schachseite - Detlev Fischer plays above all correspondence and e-mail chess. You may study his finished as well as his ongoing games. Language: German.

Diaz Cartoons - Jose Angel Diaz Criado´s drawings are published on the home page of Rebel.

Rune Djurhuus chess pages - contains besides a presentation of himself presentations of three other Grand Masters in Norway. There are also links to other Norwegian chess sites. The site is not updated so often any longer. Language: Norwegian.

Jean-Philippe Durand also has a section about chess, with among other things a chess openings list, on his homepage. Language: French.

Echeck et mat is of course about chess. "It would be stupid otherwise", the webmaster writes. He also likes blondes. The page has in other words a youthful touché. Language: French.

Echecs-programmation describes itself as a ”search engine for chess sites”, but contains also information about chess basics and programming. Language: French.

Ed´s ever-growing Chess Page - an appropriate name for this page, which has a strong personal profile, by Ed Collins. It contains a lot of articles about everything concerning chess, about chess servers/playsites, WinBoard etcetera.

Escacs - Xavier Deulonder i Camin has created this site about chess in Catalan. Opening is called ”obertura” in Catalan.

Félix Aparcana Espinoza , Peruvian arbiter, has a page with chess problems, results from Peruvian tournaments and the FIDE chess rules. Language: Spanish.

Esteyann - Yann Desnault´s homepage also contains basic information about chess history and chess rules. Language: French.

Fishstar - Torben Kallesøe, a quite ordinary chess player from Sotra Sjakk Klub in Norway, tells about his chess life. Language: Danish.

Michel Gagné - player (not at least on internet), organizer, involved in WCN and with many commissions of trust within Canadian chess.

Gembloux Echecs contains links, a list of chess books and a tournament calender. Language: French.

Glenn´s Chess Page contains chiefly links to chess lessons, strategy and instruction. You can also ask him about rules questions.

Gran Ajedrez Renovado - this website is devoted to the game of chess, with openings, studiess, biographies, chess programs and information of general interest about everything that concerns the world of chess. Language: Spanish.

Guajedrez is run by two young brothers Pensamiento. Gabriel took the third place in his age group, 10 years or younger, in the Youth Championships on March 6 2005 in Guatemala. Language: Spanish.

Hadoques Chessboard - the webmaster, who considers himself being a beginner, has created this site for the sake of other beginners. The site contains annotated games, a discussion board and a section for webchess. Language English, but the webmaster lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

Tony Hedlunds home page with games from SSDF´s database. Tony Hedlund also publishes a newsletter in English on computer chess.

HellboyChess - with Pierre Debailleul as webmaster – seems to be associated to Le Club de Bethune. Language: French.

Fritz Hoffman, born in 1930, has created this page, above all devoted to problem chess but also chess history. He has a past as arbiter in problem chess too.

Ian´s page contains, besides information about club and tournament activity in Australia, advices about how to act (observe – not play!) as a Grand Master.

Kirzan Ilumzhinov, the chairman of FIDE is also president in Kalmuckia, republic in the Russian Federation. Language: English.

J´adoube - Michel Jadoul, IM from Belgium, has created this page, that among others contains commented games, tactical exercises and a photo gallery. Language: French.

Schack Online - new Swedish chess site under construction. You can play chess and chat.

Jim´s Chess Strategy discuss how to defeat chess programs.

John´s page - Jonathan Civitarese has a section, which foremost treat the history of chess computers and programs, but which also contains reviews of chess books. Language: French.

Harmen Jonkman from Holland is an International Master (2491).

Jos´Chess Page - Jos Heesen is of course chess player, columnist and webmaster for the Dutch link collection,, among other things. Entertaining site.

Joueur d´échecs - Francis Delboe, who is an international arbiter, member of FIDE Arbiters Council, and who has had leading positions in the French Chess Federation up to January 2005, has recently created this site. It contains topics of the day, ”odd” chess and arbitrage. Language: French.

Jürgen Juhnke sums up his chess career and shows many of his own games. He played at his prime during 1969 – 1973. Language: German.

Jägarns Chesside sells chess boards and has a number of links. Language: Swedish.

Claude Kaber´s home page reports about chess activity in Luxemburg and also contains chess education.

David Kaufmann Chess Web - David Kaufmann, born 1994 and active player, updates his website regularly with chess news. He has even developed a special sponsor program to support his own player career. Language: Spanish.

Keith´s Krap - Keith R Hayward, International Master in corrchess, shares his analyses of among others Dutch and Bird´s opening.

Knightmaster - this site addresses itself to all those who love this extraordinary game. Here you might find information about openings, tactics, programs and some chess problems. Language: Spanish.

Kurt´s Schachcomputer Homepage contains among other things a list of his 83 electronic chess boards.

La légende des pièces contains player biographies, analyses of the most important openings and the game of the month. Language: French.

La page d´échecs de Marc - Marc Goldstein has played more than 800 games in competitions since 1974, whereof some are presented on this homepage. Besides he tells about his friends in his team. Language: French.

La página de Julio - a chess page with a strong connection to Extremadura in Spain.

Sebastian La Rosa has collected games for download and besides prepared a chess course for beginners. Language: Italian.

La web del Chacu - the webmaster gives his views of accusations about cheating and abusive behaviour, which he himself has encountered on well-known playsites as ICC and Ajedrez21. This is about the other side of the coin. Language: Spanish.

Jean Leboche (pseudonym) is rather a defence player than an attacking one and prefers to wait for the opponent´s bad move. Language: French.

Le Fou du Roi is difficult to categorize, because this site is both devoted to match- and tournament coverage and chess software, but it highlights on the latter phenomenon. Language: French.

Le site Voprak et Vépona also contains a chess section, ”Everything about chess”. Language: French.

Günther Leuschner - the chess site contains, amongst other things, a training section and his own games. Language: German.

David Llada has his own homepage, where he has collected articles, which he has written for his newspaper as well as for different chess magazines. Language: Spanish.

IM Norbert Lücke has a website with among other things chess exercises. Languages: German, Spanish and French.

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Anders Mattsson´s hemsida contains chess problems and good pieces of advice about how to succeed in lightning (games lasting no longer than two minutes). Language: Swedish.

Mikromurks has up to the present (24/4 2006) played more than 20000 games, mainly blitz games thanks heaven, on ICC. One of his blitz games in Najdorf, Sicilian, is a pearl. Language: German.

Markus Müller plays for SG Kaiserlautern and keeps a high standard in spite of his many other interests. Language: German.

NEindiaChess is the first chess site from northeastern India, Assam, ”where the sun rises”. The webmaster has won several chess titles and has also been Joint Secretary of All India Chess Federation.

Página de Luis Javier Bernal - Luis Javier Bernal tries to reflect the growing chess activity in Cantabria, a province in northern Spain . Language: Spanish.

Partidas y Practicas de Ajedrez by Jorge Luis Báez contains games, among them a game between Einstein and Oppenheimer, analyses and exercises. The page is updated the first Friday in every month. Language: Spanish.

Patzer´s Progress - Antony Toohy loves chess, but unfortunately his ability does not match his love. A chess page for us mortal chess players.

Peter´s Schachseiten - Peter Kesselheim wishes above all to assist beginners in penetrating the secrets of chess and improving their game in the simpliest possible way without needing to obtain expensive chess literature.

Jovan Petronic - International Master from former Yugoslavia, previously trainer for Singapore National Junior Squad and very active within FIDE, has a substantial website.

Pits Schach-Spiegel 2002/03 reports not only about chess in Dortmund, Germany. Spirited site.

Peter Pixo has a site with chess rules, chess terms in various languages and an appreciable link collection. Languages: Czech and English.

Helmut Pleschke - ”There are several good openings…but I prefer 1. b4!? (that is the Orangutan or the Sokolsky opening)”, says Helmut Pleschke. Language: English.

Roman´s Chess Page - Roman Jiganchine, Russian player with a rating about 2200, who has emigrated to Canada. He has defeated Alexandra Kosteniuk as well as lost against her. These experiences hunt him.

Ksenya Rybenko (2256) - a young, beautiful, female chess player from Siberia, who has submitted a homepage with few games but with many photos. A Grand Master, who wanted to remain anonymous, asked ChessBase to publish a player portrait of her.

Stefan Rörich´s home page contains some useful links. Languages: German and English.

Sarah’s Serendipitous Chess Page with a mixed content, some stuff about female chess players, about Paul Morphy and so forth.

Scacchi che passione - Francesco Costa, who prefers to play correspondence chess on ICCF, has created this chess site. Languages: English and Italian.

Schach bei Coder - Thorsten Coder has created a substantial site, which contains evervything from chess news to tactical exercises. Language: German.

Schach-Bernd publishes among others a game analysis every month. Language: German.

Schach, das Spiel der Könige contains a little of everything: chess history, anecdotes, chess problems and results from tournaments between chess programs. Language: German.

Schachecke, The Chess Corner, by Andreas Lipke, is a full site with among other things chess history, world champions, anecdotes, different records concerning chess. Language: German. - Anton Lindenmair, born 1956 in Augsburg, became blind eleven years later. He works as a programmer – on his leisure-time he chiefly devotes himself to chess. The site contains a lot of material about chess for blinds. Language: German.

Schachmania with among others a list of chess world champions from 1866 and onward. Language: German.

Schach-Notizen - though this well-done website focuses on computer chess, among other things by the ”ultimate” rating list, it contains also a lot of other stuff as the move of the week, game analyses and so on. Language: German.

Schachseite von Christopher Convent - Christopher Convent arranges tournaments between chess programs as well as e-mail tournaments between humans. Language: German.

Schach Zwerg - Aljoscha Feuerstack, born in 1988, is a chess talent from Sleswig-Holstein in Germany with his own site, where you can follow his career. Language: German.

Schack Online - new (20/5 2006) Swedish chess site under construction. You can play chess and chat.

Schackpalatset (The Chess Palace) is a non-pretentious attempt to build a chess portal with varied content. Language: Swedish.

Emanuel Schiendorfer, Swiss chess player born in 1990, has played chess from childhood. Nice site. Language: German.

Don Schultz was president of the United States Chess Federation 1996 to 1999. The chess project on his page will also contain material about his book, CHESSDON. - a substantial and well-frequented site, which is managed by Ekkehard Golf. Here you can find a real chess glossary as well as a witty one. Language: German.

Scuola Scacchi Notarstefano - the webmaster is a club player as well as a very active chess instructor in the province of Foggia.
Language: Italian.

Mike Serovey on Chess - the main focus of this site is analysis of his own games, with diagrams. Mike Serovey makes no secret of being an average player, but his site is all the same popular.

Siggi´s Schachseite with a list of playsites, a link collection and some games to replay. Language: German.

Jeremy Silman, International Master and well-known author of chess books, has an interesting homepage with chess training, reviews, articles and other things.

Site de SuperPoil is among other things devoted to the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit. Language: French.

Skaksiden (The Chess Page) by Flemming Dickow with among other things games to replay, chess problems and so on. Language: Danish.

SMIRF/Full Chess - SMIRF is an abbreviation for Strategiespiel-Programm mit intelligent rückkoppelnden Funktionen (Strategy game programs with intelligent feedback functions. Reinhard Scharnagl discusses chess as well as go. Language: German.

Spragett´s Chess Wisedom contains tips about literature and how to become a better player.

SP Skak - Steffen Pedersen´s (IM) home page with some news coverage and book reviews. Not updated so frequently any longer. Language: Danish.

Jiri Sula has among other thing collected games from the most important chess tournaments since 1994. The games can be downloaded in PGN format. Languages: Czech and partly in English.

Tales of 1001 Knights by Susan F. Strahan, who describes herself as a grown-up beginner, writer and webmaster. Observe - she writes good. The site contains now only links to commercial sites (remark of December 31 2006).

Tartajubow on Chess II contains just about everything you can imagine about chess. Tartajubow has also written many chess booklets, which you can download as PDF files.

Thomas Tavernier, born in 1990, presents his favourites among the world chess champions and some of his games. Mountain-climbing seems however to be his greatest passion. Language: French.

The Chesshaven has been created by a medicine student living on Puerto Rico. Well constructed site.

The Daily Checkmate contains a little of everything, among other things chess news. You can also send Jonathan McLatchie your games and he will look at them.

Web de David Sanz - David Sanz became champion in Burgos, Spain, in 2004. The homepage contains among other things some commented games. Language: Spanish.

Jimmy Vermeer´s Chess Website includes rules, openings, famous chess quotes, sample games, the results of some important tournaments, including details of the World Championship, and finally a quiz.

yet another chess data base - Roger Thormann´s homepage contains information about the world championships in chess since 1896, games to replay and player biographies. Language: German.

Zeitnot by Miguel Izquierdo, a page, which tries to function as a reference point for those, who recently have taken an interest in chess in general, and computer chess in particular. Language: Spanish.

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