(or chess portals)
I define "gateways to chess" (chess portals) as meeting places with several functions, in the worst cases, many undecided functions. Some gateways are very well designed.

Academia Brasileira de Cultura e Xadrez - a cultural portal from Brazil, which also contains a lot of information about chess. Language: Portuguese.

A Casa do Xadrez - chess portal from Bahía, northern Brazil, crammed with chess news, theory and tactics, chess problems, sales, downloads, biographies, links and so on. Language: Portuguese. - French chess portal with news, pedagogical chronicles and links. with chess training, discussion forum, match and tournament coverage, game and link collection and a playsite in construction. Language: Spanish.

Ajedrez21 no longer runs a playsite but co-operates with ICC. Instead Ajedrez 21 functions as a chess portal, a well-frequented one. Language: Spanish.

Ajedrez Castellón - the Spanish chess club Castellón has got a new web portal, that contains a lot of information, especially about tournament chess on national as well as international level.

Ajedrez Chileno with tournament results, sales, download facilities, links and so forth.

Ajedrez en Colombia - chess portal from Colombia, that contains most of chess , from match- and tournament coverage to chess theory. Webmaster: Juan Minaya. Language: Spanish.

Ajedrez de Estilo, considers itself as a "web chess magazine" with chronicles by different Grand Masters and International Masters, news-items, game collections, ratings, reviews etc. Besides there is a list with e-mail addresses to persons in the chess world, mostly the Spanish-speaking, an excellent initiative. Language: Spanish.

Ajedrez Mania - a new portal for "chess addicts", which seems to be located in Galicia in northern Spain. Language: Spanish.

Ajedrez online - Spanish chess portal, which among other things teaches the rules of chess. You can also make use of your knowledge by playing against the portal´s chess program.

Ajedrez Orinoco, which characterizes itself as the Chess portal of Venezuela, contains presently mostly match and torunament coverage, but the site will certainly develop. Language: Spanish.

Ajedrez Paisa - a Colombian chessportal, which has been present on the web since 1995, contains a little of everything. You can also play chess via the website. Language: Spanish.

AjedrezPRNetwork - Puertorican chess portal with a varied content. Language: Spanish.

Ajedrez Siglo 21- substantial Argentinian chess portal. Language: Spanish.

Ajedró - a well-done Argentinian chess portal, which, when this is written, is almost entirely built out. Chess news, game analyses and openings etcetera. Language: Spanish.

Amadeus échecs - ”Amadeus” has nothing to do with Mozart but is an abbreviation for Association Marocaine de Développement Universel et Sportif. The website will certainly promote the development of chess in Morocco. Languages: Arabic and French.

Avler Chess - the intention has been to create " the ultimate chess community on the net". Sale, discussion forum, links to playsites among others. - a substantial portal, which also continuously reports about chess tournaments in the whole world. Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English.

Brasilía Clube de Xadrez - Brasilian club from the capital with a homepage, that serves as a portal with international as well as national chess news, chronicles and articles, games to download and other things. Language: Portuguese.

Britweb - a reliable guide to British chess on the web. A number of British sites also link to Britweb.

BS Chess by Sergey Bystrov from S:t Petersburg, IM, trainer and writer, has a beautifully designed homepage with analyses, chess tutorials and sales. Language: Russian and English. - Brasilian chess portal with news, qualified game analyses and articles, sales, downloads and a link collection.

Casa do Xadrez Paulista - this Brazilian site has no commercial purposes but only wish to disseminate knowledge about the art of chess. Language: portuguese.

Central do Xadrez - new Brazilian chess portal with commented games and articles.

Centro de Excelência de Xadrez, Brasilian chess portal with chess courses, chess history, player biographies and a playsite with WinBoard as client. Language: Portuguese. is a site, that contains a little of everything and is managed by Can Aydinoglu. Language: English. is a web site for beginners and for players who want to improve their chess. It has a lot of chess resources: openings, rules, games, software, Elo-ratings and links.

Chess contains a lot of stuff about chess. Substantial and nice site - besides there is a newsletter.

Chess Circle - Robert Graham from Pittsburgh in USA manages this portal, which among other things holds a well frequented discussion group, articles about chess, tips, photo album and links. You can also play e-mail chess via the site. - The Place for Chess

Chess Connection has sale, a download section, discussion forum, a newsletter and other stuff. is dedicated to becoming the premier online community for chess players around the world. aims to provide a safe and enjoyable environment where chess players of all skill levels can learn, contribute, play, build, chat, and share.

Chess Corner is a non-commercial site, which primarily wants to stimulate the interest for chess among beginners. There is also an excellent introduction to the rules of the game, strategy and tactics. has a webbased game viewer, a game database, a download section and sales.

Chessdom is a new (29/4 2007) chess site. Chessdom aims to enrich the understanding of chess and bring its popularity to a higher level. The content is very varied with a good coverage of important tournaments – in short a promising beginning., which besides Californian chess history, also contains chess educational stuff (among other things ”A Purdy Fine Method of Chess”), articles, current events and the CalGames Database.

Chess DZ is an Algerian chess portal, where you also can play chess live. The website is tastefully designed. Languages: French and sometimes English. - a French website, not especially substantial so far. There is a small image gallery. contains chess problems, software, reviews, competition, tips, news, links and other stuff. is a website, which wants to support Indian chess by all means. Their opinion is that India ought to have at least 110 Grand Masters by the year 2010.

Chess is life - Spanish chess portal, but with limited content. The title is inspired by Bobby Fischer. The webmaster seems to be affiliated with Club de Ajedrez Pueblo Nuevo in Madrid.

Chess Journal - chess portal in Czech.

Chess Kit aims at beginners.

Chess Knights contains articles about chess strategy, downloads, games to view directly on the website and a discussion forum.

ChessLand contains annotated chess games from the latest tournaments, openings by ECO codes, endgame strategy, links, online chess.

Chess.Lt - Lithuanian website, which consists of two parts, a playsite, and a part, which could be described as a portal. The latter informs about the chess world: clubs and federations in Lithuania and abroad, articles and news and a tournament calendar. In average 3000 games are played daily on the playsite. It is no problem to find an adversary there. If you have played more than 1000 games on the playsite, you will become a member in Club 1000 (about 1700 players have already achieved this). Languages: Lithuanian, English and Russian.

ChessMix - Grand Master Ventzislav Inkiov and a team led by him created this website. It " aims at collecting variable useful information to the satisfaction of the numerous chess fans all over the world. Both beginners and grandmasters alike can find plenty of interesting topics about chess there." is associated with Convekta and the website offers of course Convekta´s products as Chess Assistant, Rybka and various training programs. There are many demo versions. The website also contains chess news and links to a well-frequented playing zone. - you might believe that this site only sells posters, but it also contains a gallery, chess history, chess terminology and links. Language: English and Spanish.

ChessQueen contains among other things interesting opening statistics, a comprehensive collection of games and many links. Language: German.

Chesstop with interface for e-mail chess, game collections and a web based game replayer among other things. Language: English and Portuguese. - a chess portal from Serbia with chess news, articles about computer chess and a ratings database containing rating data for 40000 players. Languages: Serbian and English. depicts itself as "a large, comprehensive site meeting a wide variety of chess-related needs, including instruction and advice, chess news, a huge and clearly-organized collection of chess-related web links, downloads, reviews, trivia and history, a very active discussion forum, an online chess league, Fantasy Chess, and more!" Chessville is a very well-made portal with a interesting and varied content. Besides you can subscribe on their excellent newsletter.

Chess World sells chess books, organize contests, has a PGN-achive, chess news and so on. There is also a playsite for casual games. - Mexican site, that contains chess theory, biographies, a playsite etcetera, but also poems, mathematical problems and other things, that might widen the horizon of a chess player. Language: Spanish.

Circolo Scacchi Città di Portico contains match- and tournament coverage, articles and facilities for downloading chess software and games. The homepage is not wholly finished, but the layout is thrilling. Language: Italian.

ConsultandoAjedrez claims that their site differs from all other sites because the group considers that experiences from the chess world can be transferred to other sectors, among others the business sector. Besides pure chess material is published, for example in a monthly bulletin. Language: Spanish.

Coordinadora del Ajedrez Popular - a bulging portal from Uruguay. Give particular attention to the chess training section ("Formación)! is at network for chess freaks. After registration the members can play slow chess against each other, give each other tips about tournaments and exchange chess experiences, photos or videos among other things. Language: German.

Daugavpils Chess Portal is localized in Latvia´s second biggest city. The portal focuses on match and tournament coverage. Languages: Latvian, Russian and English.

Deep-Chess!!! - with the sub-title ”The obscure aspect of chess”– treats serious chess themes as well as chess curiosities and “chess intrigues”. Deep chess is “independent and does not represent any financial interests”. The website seems nevertheless to have some points of contact with Schachbezirk Düsseldorf. Language: German.

e3e5 - the company ”Intellectual games” was founded in spring 2002 in St. Petersburg. The site contains chess news from St. Petersburg; articles about chess position analysis and the means to develop it, and a section about Association for Chess Professionals. Languages: Russian and English.

Echecs Academie contains information about the basics of chess, articles, for example by GM Jean-Luc Chabanon, news, videos, and courses, most often in Paris, but also via Internet. Language: French.

educajadrez - site from Uruguay, that contains chess news and training material. Furthermore you can subcribe on a monthly newsletter. Language: Spanish. encourage everybody to provide the website with news, upcoming events, results and pictures from tournaments around the world, chess games for downloading or viewing, chess lessons and so forth. is a project to spread and promote the scientific sport, chess, in Venezuela. also wishes to function as a complete site with resources and news of interest for the Venezuelan chess community. The homepage has an attractive layout. Language: Spanish.

Evcomp - Czech website, foremost devoted to computer chess, but which also contains chess news, mini-reviews and a link collection.

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FIDE - the international world chess federation has a substantial site: official information and handbook, coverage of matches and tournaments, officially established rating lists and a forum. The old website also had a link collection (there chess sites could be registered), a counter, a game zone, sale, banner exchange, free e-mail addresses and home page facilities. The problems with the old site started summer 2002 and the site ceased to function during the autumn. FIDE has never officially explained why the site is down, but there is of course an unofficial explanation. (17/1 2003)

For Chess Lovers - a chess portal with a varying content, that also conducts e-mail chess play.

Free Chess Softwares - download free chess games and chess
softwares from You can also play chess here.

GilaChess - a new Malaysian chess portal for "chess fanatics". Promising site.

GMChess contains match- and tournament coverage, game collections from grand masters, past and present, GM Chess School and articles. Alexander Khalifman is a frequent contributor. GM Chess School, situated in S:t Peterburg, Russia, a city with 20 grand masters, is the original initiator of this website. Languages: Russian, English and Spanish.

Guatredrez - a rather newly started chess portal from Guatemala with chess news, chronicles and some game analyses. Language: Spanish.

Hecfran is an Argentinean chess portal, which is managed by Héctor Francovig. He is not only a chess player but holds a number of functions within Argentinean chess. Several well-known Argentinean chess players contribute with articles to this substantial portal. Language: Spanish.

Hechiceros del Tablero is a well-done Spanish portal with an allround content, with anything from news coverage to opening theory. Many famous chessplayers among the contributors.

Hemmerschess contains chess news as well as fruitful lessons on video. - information portal for, according to their own information, the biggest, German webbased corrchess server, Here you can find current information about and its events. Other focal points are an extensive section with software and chess book reviews, as well as one of the biggest German collections of chess links from the whole world. Language: German.

Iberchess with everything you want to know about chess: news, international as well as Spanish and regional, problems, game analyses, tournaments and championships, books, history and curiosities. Language: Spanish.

IEchecs - well-done French site, which gives all-round information about chess.

Incoming chess contains chess history, presentation of chess basics, player biographies and some games to view. Language: Spanish.

Inforchess/Ajelibre - Argentinian chess portal with a varied content.

Inside Chess is devoted to all aspects of the chess game. More precisely, the website administration aims to convey chess knowledge as well as chess news. Language: German.

InterAjedrez - Argentinian chess portal, divided in several sections, one so called academic section with chess education, one for on-line chess and e-mail chess and one for chess problems and similar. There is also a discussion group.

Jacque Al Rey, cuban chess portal, which is well-done as well as substantial. Language: Spanish.

Jaque Aragon strives to become a place, where you can ask questions, meet, exchange ideas and step by step add new tools and improvements, all in order to function as a place of reference. Language: Spanish.

Just Chess contains a little of everything: improve chess, challenges, classified ads and chess sets. Their dogmas: ”We believe in good chess. We believe in Staunton. We believe chess is good for the mind. We believe chess is the game of kings.”

KramnikChess - a chess portal, which focus on Vladimir Kramnik.

La Mecca Chess Encyclopedia is much more than an encyklopedia. Here you will find lots of information about chess, chess players (pictures and biographies), chess events, ELO-lists, ECO-codes and a link collection, Clink, the biggest one on the net. The webmaster Maurizio Mascheroni, also called "maskeret", runs three other chess sites.

La Pasión por el Ajedrez - colourful chess portal from Bolivia, that contains a little of everything. Language: Spanish.

La tabla de Flandes contains many articles about chess, game analyses and downloads – everything is presented in a medieval atmosphere. There is also an elegant link collection: Webmaster: Ánton Busto. Language: Spanish.

LatestChess, a chess portal based in India since 2006, wants to keep its visitors updated with the latest trends in the world of chess. Therefore LatestChess provides the latest news, articles by experts, interviews and much more. Chess lovers can also watch the games of their favourite players live on the site. Language: English. - very well-done Belgian site with chess basics, chess opening theory, combination and endgame exercises and player biographies. Language: French.

Messaggero Scacchi - probably the most important Italian chess portal.

Mundoajedrez, which is associated with the Balearic Islands, Spain, contains chess courses, chess history, a download section, a photo gallery and a good many other things. Language: Spanish. contains chess news, a presentation of the chess rules, player biographies and a link collection.

MyChesSite - play chess online or by email, read chess news, download free PGN files and more for the chess lover.

Online Chess Index is providing information on chess rules, strategies and tactic.

Pakchess, Pakistani chess portal, very well-made and informative. Language: English.

Pawn Promotions offers chess news, articles, games to view online and so on. Besides Pawn Promotions publishes chessbooks. with stress on match and tournament coverage, but the site also offers download facilities, commented games, bulletins and discussion forums. Language: Spanish.

Pinova, a Swedish homepage, is also a sort of chess portal. Pinova is among other things a publisher. The homepage contains everything possible: theory, debate, rating, competition and so forth. Wilful site with a structure.

Portal Ajedrez is a chess portal, that seems to be located to Bauru, Brazil. The website contains match and tournament coverage, a download section and chess rules. Language: Portuguese.

Prvi BiH Saha portal - new Bosnian chess portal, partly in English.

Pushed Pawn - in his presentation Andrew Zito writes that Pushed Pawn is a place “where we hopefully will be striving to document and advance the social, cultural, and technical side of chess, chess players, and chess playing.” - Turkish chess portal with an all-round content.

Schach! - German chess portal with opening theory, games, chess training and - studies, newsletter and some other subjects.

Schach-Ereignisse (Chess events) with tournament calendar, match- and tournament coverage, information about chess world champions and a link collection. Language: German.

Schachimedes - an entertaining Austrian chess portal, which is managed by doctor Martin Stichlberger, and which is foremost aimed at hobby players and beginners. Language: German.

Schachlust - Guido Wehrle has created a small, beautiful and substantial chess portal. Language: German. - Patrich Richter gives helpful tips to all chess friends and those who want to join them. Here you will find suggestions on how to play chess with or without a partner, for example against a chess program on the Internet. He also gives advice concerning buying chess material. Language: German.

Schackforum (presently Schacksnack) - well-done Swedish chess site, that was submitted to Internet in 2004. Though the site highlights on match and tournament coverage, it also holds a debate forum, chess problems and studies, causeries and so on. Webmaster: Lasse Thomasson.

Schackpinglorna (The Chess Chicks) – Sweden´s first girl-powered chess website. The Chess Chicks is open for all, from beginners to elite players. Here you can get new chess pals, tips about contests and good chess books and a whole lot more.

Skakmati portal - russian chess portal with the intention to give substantial and impartial information about chess as far as it is possible. Only in Russian.

Sport Echecs - match- and tournament coverage, chess education and an opportunity to play against the chess program Jester. Language: French.

Steffan´s Schachseiten - a regional chess portal from Oberfranken in Germany.´s policy statement reads: "All over the internet you will find site for and about chess. But, have you ever wanted to have just one place where you could go and be able to access all the best of chess on the internet? Well, you now have a portal. "

SuperAjedrez - Argentinian chess portal with news, tutorials, computer chess, downloads and a lot of other stuff.

Supreme-Chess contains a game collection with 500.000 games, chess problems, an introduction in the art of chess playing as well as articles.

Szachmaty - Polish chess portal, with a mixed content, from anecdotes to commented games.

Tchecmeet with chess tutorials, game databases, forum among other things. Language: French, but English is in progress.

The65thSquare contains a lot of chess opening theory, match- and tournament coverage etcetera.

The Chess Centre - British website with exhaustive content.

The Chess Matrix - a Texas chess website. Chess in general, regular & scholastic tournament info, ratings for Texas chessplayers, chess camps in and around Texas, and more.

The Chess Report, well-structured site, which however often links to other sites.

The Pawn Pusher - chess humour, including a collection of dirty tricks, a list of chess oddballs, and some really bad opening theory (according to the webmaster´s own description!).

TodoAjedrez is a well-done Argentinean chess portal, which focuses on chess training. Here you can find a free chess course and have the opportunity to play against a chess program or solve chess problems and much more. Language: Spanish.

Torre 64 - well-done Peruvian - and Latin American - chess portal.

Veneto Scacchi - the "biggest chess portal" in Venice. There is probably only one. However the homepage is well done. Language: Italian.

WhyChess was created in 2011 and is a comprehensive chess portal with first-class writers and news coverage. Languages: Russian and English. - French chess portal with calendar, tournament coverage, chess openings list and more.

World Chess Champions is a substantial chess portal, anonymous but probably located in India. is the successor of the Russian website KasparovChess. In March 2002, the Russian and English versions of KasparovChess split into two separate operations. The other English-speaking half of KasparovChess went bankrupt and was shut down. "In addition to reporting news in the chess world, is hoping to revolutionize the way chess players are rated." Languages: English and Russian. - an all-round and substantial chess portal from Galicia in the north-west corner of Spain.

Xadrez Genial - Brasilian chess portal with many columnists, match- and tournament coverage, chess software and sale.

Xadrezgalego, which works according to the motto ”we like chess”, is a company, a school and a club at the same time. Language: Spanish.

Xadrez Regional - a Brazilian chess portal containing a great deal. Language: Portuguese. is a chess portal, which presupposes the participation of the visitors.

ZugzwangChess - well-done Malaysian homepage. Language: English.

Zwischenzug - new German portal, which – when this is written – is not yet completed. It is going to contain chess news, chess training, game collections and more.

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