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I have separated Chess news and Match- and tournament coverage, though the difference sometimes is subtle. Pages, which have been placed in the category Chess news thus have a broader coverage than those placed in Match- and tournament coverage.


16 x 16 - chess magazine online with an unusual name reports about chess in Portugal. A number of commentators is associated with the magazine. Language: Portuguese.

63+1 Svet Sachu contains international chess news in Czech.

64-Chess Review is a popular chess journal in Russian. Among the authors you may find grand masters from Russia and the rest of the world, coaches, functionaries, referees and professional journalists. Editor-in-chief is Alexander Roshal.

Ajedrez de Ecuador reflects the chess life in Ecuador. Their motto is ”Nuestro compromiso es con las ventajas del ajedrez” – freely translated ”Our commitment concerns the advantages of chess”. Language: Spanish., a chess magazine from the Dominican Republic, not only contains chess news but also study material. Language: Spanish.

Ajedrez en Honduras contains general information about the tournaments, which take place in Honduras, articles, photos, game collections as well as links to important web sites devoted to chess training. Language: Spanish.

Ajedrez en Yucatan - here you can find everything about chess life in the state of Yucatan in Mexico: rating, news, chess meetings, the Carlos Torre Repetto tournament, the social aspects of chess, information for parents and trainers, instruction in chess journalism and much more. Language: Spanish.

Ajedrez Facil - partly under construction. Mainly match- and tournament coverage, but also download facilities of games and a webbased game replayer for classical games. Language: Spanish.

Associação Cultural Luis de Camões - chess in Portugal with news about tournaments and matches, links, ratings, downloads, photos and much more. Language: Portugues.

Au nom du Roi - chess magazine from Quebec, has published its first issue (16/12 2004). Language: French.

BC Café - Brazilian portal, which also has a chess section with articles and chronicles. Language: Portuguese.

Berlingske Tidende, big Danish newspaper, also has an excellent chess coverage on the net. Language: Danish.

Blog do Xadrez (Chess blog) - chess news from the whole world in Portuguese and English, but not especially pretentious.

British Chess Magazine is full with different subsections, reviews, sale and download facilities of software and so on.

Caissa Café - Brazilian electronic chess magazine, which has been revived. ”Os bons tempos estão de volta” – roughly: “The good times are back again”. Language: Portuguese.

Capakhine - chess news in Spanish from Andalusia. The name is probably a pun on Capablanca/Alekhine. has essays about chess, many of historical interest, publishing activity and so on. Excellent site.

Chess Central, an Australian chess site.

Chess Check - a free e-publication that brings international chess news direct to your inbox every month. The first issue is promising.

Chess Chronicle, a bi-weekly online magazine, wich started on June 24 in 2005. Anwar Qureshi is editor-in-chief – several well-known chess personalities is supporting the magazine.

Chess City Magazine with Eric Schiller as editor contains everything possible: news, analyses, reviews, game databases and so forth.

Chess Connoisieur - chess news from a Filippin horizon. Language: English.

Chess Daily News and Information - alternative address - is run by Susan Polgar, one of the best female chess players in the world and an enthusiastic ambassador for chess.

Chess in translation aims to keep readers up-to-date with chess news and interviews in Russian - still the language of much of the best chess journalism, and the first language of a majority of top players. Language: English.

Chess Kingdom with chess news in Arabic and English.

Chess Life is published by United States Chess Federation (USCF), and reaches more than a quarter of a million readers every month.
Individual subscriptions cost $36.00 for one year.

Chess Live Radio, that is associated to US Chess Federation, broadcasts chess news on the air.

Chess-News - a well-designed website with comprehensive coverage of Russian competition chess. Language: Russian. with news and views about the US Chess Federation and American chess.

Chessplayers - chess news in German. Very elegant site.

Chess Tigers, which also manages a chess university, has an excellent news section. Language: German.

Chess World Magazine publishes chess news and also have rating lists.

Clube de xadrez - very well designed Brasilian news site about chess.

Computer Schach und Spiele - German site specialized on chess programs and programming. Germany has many good programmers.

Crestbook with chess news from Russsia, interviews and discussion forum. Languages: Russian and English.

DAchess is a site for chess news. Its ”main task is to inform the readers about what happens in the chess world”. DAchess continues the tradition from ClubKasparov, KasparovChess och WorldChessRating, according to DAchess. Language: Russian.

Deporteciencia is a new web magazine about chess from Venezuela. Its objective is to make a contribution to the development and diffusion of chess in an entertaining way. Language: Spanish. is one ot the best French chess news sites. The site is updated every night with chess news from the world and every morning with chess news from France. Besides there are game analyses and discussion forums.

En Passant Magazine - here you can download a file containing 32 issues of Canada´s national chess magazine En Passant, published during the years 1998 - 2003.

Europé Echecs - French chess magazine.

Fernschach International - " the most popular chess magazine for correspondence players all over the world" reflects the activity within ICCF. You can order a trial free copy. Languages: English and German.

Lionel Frost reports about chess from New Zealand.

Glarean Magazin is a new cultural publication on the net, which is devoted to various themes as music, literature and chess. Language: German.

Google News searches for ”relevant” chess news. I have gotten the impression that this search function, still on the beta stadium, finds well-frequented sites, which also write about chess, rather than specialized chess sites.

Gran Ajedrez - Peruvian chess news of current interest and a regularly updated database, with games by Peruvian players. Language: Spanish.

ICCF Amici - ICCF´s ezine started on June 10 2004 and appears four times a year. The content is of course first class.

IdeaScacchi - free chess magazine in PDF-format on the web. When this is written, nine issues have appeared. Language: Italian.

Infoxadrez - chess news in Portuguese. Soon in English and French too.

Inside Chess Online - with GM Yasser Seirawan - has been incorporated in

Intchess - a new (24/4 2006) chess magazine from Singapore, associated with the club with the same name. Ignatius Leong, known from a FIDE context, is the chairman of the club.

Jaque publishes three different chess magazines, Actualidad, Practica and Teoría and also sells chess books and chess software. Language: Spanish.

Jaque Mate Ushuaia - Argentinean site with chess news. Language: Spanish.

Kaissiber - a German magazine devoted to chess opening theory, especially controversial opening systems, and chess history. Languages: German and partly English.

Karl - das kulturelle Schachmagazin - the editorial staff is made up of Johannes Fischer and Harry Schaak with some permanent contributors. Karl contains interesting essays and game analyses. Chess journalism on a high level. Language: German.

Kingpin - British chess magazine, associated with London Chess Center and TWIC.

La Tour Infernale has daily chess news in French.

LINACH (Liga Nacional de Ajedrecistas de Chile) covers the chess life in Chile and has been on the net since October 2002.

List of chess periodicals - this list also includes discontinued chess magazines.

L´Italia Scacchistica - Italian chess magazine, that was published for the first time in 1911.

Magyar Sakkvilág - chess magazine from Hungary. Very beautiful start page. Only in Hungarian.

Matten Schaakverhalen - a Dutch chess magazine, that so far has published eight issues. The magazine concentrates on reading about brilliant chess players and would-be brilliant players.

Messaggero Scacchi appears weekly on the web. Language: Italian.

Mindzine also has a section for chess news.

Mundo Deportivo - Spanish sport magazine, that has a continuous information about chess, from press items to longer articles.

NetChessNew is an Australian news site.

Nettavisens sjakkspalt describes itself as Norway´s first interactive chess column. The information – often with focus on Magnus Carlsen – is excellently presented.

New In Chess, the internet version of the magazine, which appears eight times a year. The magazine is based in Holland. Many well known chess players have taken part in NIC during the years. NIC has sale, a collection with more than 2000 links and offers also download facilities of games.

Pakistan Chess Player, the only chess magazine in Pakistan, is simultaneously published on the net.

Peon de rey - Spanish chess magazine, also on Internet.

Revista colombiana de ajedrez - all-round and substantial Colombian chess magazine on the net. Language: Spanish.

Rochade Europa - German chess magazine. The homepage contains only text.

Rook, a bi-weekly newspaper, which appears in Ukraine, also publishes chess news. Language: Russian.

Sachinfo - Czech chess magazine on the web with reviews, downloads and so on.

Sakkélet - a Hungarian chess magazine, whose website is at present under construction (25.04.12).

Schaakers Informatie - Dutch chess news, which often are updated.

Schaaknieuws - chess news in Dutch.

Schach - German chess magazine with traditions.

Schach Magazin 64 - German chess magazine, which is published by Schünemann-Verlag.

Schachmarkt, journal, which appears bimonthly. Parts of the journal may be read in PDF-format via the homepage, which is interesting and well-done. Language: German. - with news, match- and tournament coverage, download facilities of games and so on. Language: German.

Schachwelt, the magazine for club players, wish to entertain, inform and help the reader to improve his/her playing strength. The first issue can be downloaded free from the 29th of July 2009. Language: German.

Schacknytt - Swedish chess magazine. The site has been reconstructed. Language: Swedish.

Schweizerische Schachzeitung has a comprehensive archive with previous issues in PDF-format. Magazine with traditions - 112 annual volumes. Languages: German and French.

Skakbladet is published by the Danish Chess Federation and appears 8 times a year. The magazine can also be read in pdf-format.

Skaki - chess magazine from Greece. Language only Greece.

SoloScacchi, Italian web site, that started in 2009, substantial content with the main emphasis on chess news.

Szachista - Polish chess magazine now also on the web.

Tablero Catracho, that was submitted to the net on the 28th of December in 2005, contains information about chess activity in Honduras as well as internationally. Besides there is a section with columnists. Language: Spanish.

The Guardian Sport Chess contains current background articles on chess

This week in chess (TWIC) - British site, which covers chess, sells chess books and chess software. Associated to London Chess Center.

Tidskrift för Schack, the official chess magazine of the Swedish Chess Federation, submits parts of its content to the web.

Topschaak - Ard van Beek´s homepage contains background stories on chess tournaments, players pictures and game analyses. Languages: Dutch and partly English. is an Indonesian home page. Well done - also in English.

Verdens Gang, Norwegian evening paper, has a special section about chess, which for the most part deals exclusively with Magnus Carlsen´s achievements on the chess arena.

Wiener Zeitung has a qualified coverage of chess in both Austria and international. Extensive archive with chess chronicles. Language: German.

Vistula - Polish monthly chess magazine with an all-round content. There is also a tournament calendar in English.

World Chess News is managed by five young and ambitious siblings from Stockholm and has so far (24/5 2009) sent more than 250 episodes with chess news on Web TV in Swedish as well as English.

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MATCH- AND TOURNAMENT COVERAGE schaken contains result lists from the Belgian ligas and lists with clubs and players. Language: Flemish.

Ajedrez Actual - "the fastest international news coverage". Site in Spanish, probably located in South America. - chess in Chile. There is also a download section with electronic chess books in Spanish. - chess site from Paraguay, which wants to open a window to inform about the advantages with this sport, so that chess fans who wish to compete in chess know how to do. Language: Spanish.

Ajedrez en Madrid - (Chess in Madrid) - covers chess in Madrid, Spain and the rest of the world. Good-looking site.

Ajedrez en Mexico - its goal is to inform the Mexican chess players about national chess events as well as the achievements of Mexican chess players abroad.

Ajedrezesmimundo, that is "chess is my world", has been present on the web since December 2009. The webmaster is an arbiter, but the site focuses on chess news. Language: Spanish.

Ajedrez Esperanza - Argentinian site.

Ajedrez Minuano is chiefly about competition chess in Uruguay. Language: Spanish.

Ajedrez Mutante - site from Santiago del Estero in Argentine, which chiefly is devoted to match and tournament coverage. Language: Spanish.

Ajedrez Noticias Diarios - beautiful Spanish-speaking site, which seems to be updated daily.

Ajedrez Peru - a chess portal with stress on match and tournament coverage of Peruvian chess as well as chess on an international level. There are also many games to view or download. reports about chess in Basque, Spain. You can download or replay games from the year 2000 and ahead. Language: Spanish.

Amigos del Ajedrez - two of the strongest chess clubs in Zaragoza, Aragonia, has founded a cultural association, whose activity is reported on this website. Language: Spanish.

Lanfranco Bombenelli has many links tournaments and tournament archives from both Italy and the rest of the world. Language: Italian and English.

Braingames reported for example about the latest WC-match between Kasparov and Kramnik, which the later astoundingly won.

Brasilbase reports about chess life in Brasil, but also contains a number of links to game collections. Language: Portuguese.

Budapestchessnews - this blog focuses on Hungarian chess and Michael Yip´s chess experiences since moving to Budapest in 2009. The aim is to present the "hidden world" of Hungarian chess.

Caissa es ajedrez is a chess site, that has been present on the net since 2005. Its aim is to spread knowledge about chess in general but also to report about chess news from Venezuela and from the capital, Caracas, in particular. Language: Spanish.

Caissa Schachkronik contains results, tables, reports from numerous events concerning chess: world championships, tournaments, all rating lists, results from the Bundesliga, chess Olympiads, correspondence chess and everything that goes with it. Language: German.

Carevchess is also a Brasilian site, which is devoted to tournament coverage. Languages: Portuguese and English.

Chathurangam covers Indian chess. contains besides match and tournament coverage also a great deal of games to be downloaded.

ChessBase Events informs about the most important tournaments. Outstanding.

ChessBomb - here you can watch tournaments online, together with real-time computer analysis. Some games are commented and the site has an on-line chat facility.

Chess-Box - well-done Peruvian site, mainly devoted to tournament coverage.

Chess by Egis - despite the name the site is located in Lithuania and uses only Lithuanian and reports chiefly about tournament results.

Chesseldacar - “the chess game on the planet” - primarily devoted to match and tournament coverage. Language: French.

Chess Events EAC reports about chess in East Africa, that is Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.

Chess FM also covers chess events via radio transmissions.

Chessgate das Internet - a German chess portal with primarily match- and tournament coverage. Nice site. Language: German. covers chess from a German perspective. Language: German.

ChessMate - Indian E-zine for chess. Language: English.

Chessnia delivers short news about matches and tournaments.

Chess News Blog - Chinese blog, that foremost is dedicated to tournament coverage. China has developed as a chess nation the last few years and has now players ranked among the 20 best in the world, especially among women. is managed by IM Georgi Orlov, nowadays living in USA, and also sells chess books. reports about tournaments and matches in French and English.

Chess Siberia reports about about tournaments and matches from a Siberian horizon.

Chess Ukraine - its goal is match and tournament coverage. Tastefully designed site. Languages: Russian and Ukrainian.

ChessVibes reports among other things from the Premier League of the Dutch competition with many video reports. Languages: Dutch and English.

Competitiile Noastre de Sah - Romanian site, which focuses on chess competition.

Echecs International with match- and tournament coverage, calender, games to download and so on. Language: French.

Igor Glek (2424), Russian GM, also chess trainer, chess writer and organizer, but today mainly active as Head of the Moscow Sport University Chess Department. His site is a rich source of chess news. Languages: Russian and English.

Hellas Chess Club - Greek chess portal with main direction to match- and tournament coverage.

HiperChess - this homepage by Herman Claudius from Brazil is chiefly devoted to tournament coverage. There are also games to download. Language: Portuguese. was founded 2000 by IM George Mastrokoukos and FM Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou in USA with the intention to "deliver correct and fast updates about important chess events and news around the world". The site is "under serious re-construction" (January 2002).

Italiascacchi reports about match and tournament activity in Italy.

Live Chess online - live chess annotations by GM Sergey Shipov, but also comprehensive coverage of matches and tournaments. Language: Russian.

Lost Boys Chess Page, a Dutch site, which covers tournaments and matches. There are also links to the Max Euwe Center, a chess museum with a large library, and the Dutch chess federation.

Lovac na Damu - Croatian site.

Kasparov vs The World - if you have not studied this famous match…

Madrid Mueve - a publication for the chess players in Madrid. Language: Spanish. has a section with chess press items and a small game archive from some grand tournaments. Language:Spanish.

Nuestro Ajedrez Uruguay - new website from Uruguay, which covers both domestic and international chess. Language: Spanish. - Marcos Rebelo (turn the surname) has created this site for match and tournament coverage. Language: Portuguese.

Orinoco Chess Web - Venezuelan site, which above all is devoted to match- and tournament coverage. Language: Spanish.

Partidas Ajedrez Comentadas contains the latest chess news with commented games, which can be replayed by a game viewer. Language: Spanish.

Ríkisútvarpið RUV - The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service – also has a web site with a sport section, including chess. Language: Icelandic.

Rusbase is a project, which intends to report about all tournaments in Russia. The games from these tournaments may be downloaded.

Sahovska Centrala - this is the Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian version of Schackcentralen (see below) since autumn 2004.

Schach-Aktuell with daily reports and news about international tournaments and the Bundesliga. You can replay important games directly on the website. Language: German. - a German site, which reports about tournaments and also supplies news about coming tournaments.

Schach-Ticker - German site, above all devoted to match and tournament coverage, but which also contains a little of everything.

Schach-Total reports foremost about chess life in Luxembourg with surroundings, but also about international chess. Language chiefly German, but also French and English. is a modern website aiming to reach all chess fans who understand Swedish. The website is updated several times a week, usually with at least one news item per day.

Schackcentralen (The Chess Central), is an excellent start page, if you want to follow Swedish chess life. It contains match and tournament coverage, news about the highest division, "allsvenskan", tournament calendar, a list of Swedish clubs, rating lists, game collections and links. Substantial and very well designed site, in principle updated daily. Language: Swedish.

Schacknyheter, that focuses on reports about competition chess, is managed by Zeljko Kartal, who is also in charge of Schackcentralen. Schacknyheter shall not be confused with a previous site, Language: Swedish.

SIS - das aktuelle Schach-Informationssystem contains reports, usually updated daily, from different tournaments, for teams as well as for individuals. SIS publishes also tournament invitations, player information and other relevant stuff. The page is still partly under construction. Language: German.

Ská, that is Chess Iceland, has moved its coverage to the site of Icelandic National Broadcasting Service. Language: Icelandic.

Soloajedrez from Spain focuses on reports about tournament chess from the whole world. Language: Spanish.

SP Skak reports about chess in Denmark. Language: Danish.

Tablerotico - site from Costa Rica, mainly devoted to match and tournament coverage. Language: Spanish.

The Chess Network - Malaysian site with forum and games to download.

The Chess Oracle - British home page, which concentrates on matches and tournaments.

The Grey Knight - new web site with international coverage. Substantial site, but who runs it?

The World Chess Championship 2013 was a match between reigning world champion Viswanathan Anand and challenger Magnus Carlsen, to determine the 2013 World Chess Champion. As is well known, the match resulted in a victory for Carlsen. If you want to read everything about this match, start with the ChessBase reports or by reading Norwegian media. According to NRK, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Carlsen only had one second, with whom he communicated via Skype.

Tobias Norrländska Schacksida (Tobias´ Northern Swedish Chess Page) reports not only about chess in Northern Sweden but has a wider outlook. Very well designed site. The site has not been updated since the autumn 2004, but the previous material is archived in "Register". Languages: Swedish and partly in English.

Uruchess covers chess in Uruguay.

Viking Skak is another Danish site, which covers chess chiefly in the Nordic countries. Languages: Danish and English.

World Chess Championship Kramnik vs. Leko takes place in Brissago, Switzerland, September 25th – October 18th 2004 . The Centro Danneman, a cultural center, provides the playing ground, the prize money of one million Swiss francs and also manages this site. Languages: English and German.

Xadrez - Brasilian site, managed by Bolivar Gonzales, concentrates on tournament coverage. Language: Portuguese. - Frank Curiel, one of the absolutely best chess players in the club Estado Falcón in Venuzuela, reports about chess on a regional, national and international level. Language: Spanish.

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This subcategory contains links to recurrent tournaments, tournament organizers and calendars, that is future events. Besides there are links to sites, which deal with the organization and administration of tournaments. Concerning tournament and administration programs - see Chess software.

2005 US Chessmaster Championship, was carried through from November 23 to December 5 2004 in San Diego, California. The 16-year-old Hikaru Nakamura is the new US Champion, while Rusa Goletiani won the Women´s Championship.

A Chess Tournament Primer for Parents - a introduction to tournament chess for parents by U.S. Chess Center.

All Year Chess is a database for chess tournaments the whole world over. Tournament organizers can of course submit their own tournaments.

Arbitraje de ajedrez organizes tournaments, arranges seminars, organizes courses for chess arbiters and reports about tournament activity in Colombia as well as in the rest of Latin America. Language: Spanish.

Arbitros de ajedrez (Chess arbiters) - a homepage, originally intended for chess arbiters, but which has developed a lot since its start. It is probably the most advanced website for chess arbiters and everything concerning tournament activity. Some functions can only be used by registered users, who on November 25 numbered 773. Language: Spanish.

Arcoworldchess - Cristina Rigo from Arco started her career as an arbiter in 1991 and has since organized many tournaments in Italy as well as abroad. Language: Italian.

Blockade Chess Cheater treats the risk of cheating due to the opportunity of wireless communication in connection with chess tournaments. This site was created and is maintained by Jon Jacobs, an amateur tournament competitor and occasional Chess Life, representing the US Chess Federation, contributor.

Cajun has a calendar with upcoming tournaments, mostly in the American South.

Calendario canario de Torneos de Ajedrez - calendar for chess tournaments on the Canaries.

Caveman Chess provides service on chess instruction and camp management, organizes and direct tournaments in and about Illinois, USA. The founder Kevin L. Bachler was once nicknamed ”caveman” because of his attacking style in chess. (Tournaments)

Chess Calendar, which is run by Mischa Tscharotschkin, is more than a tournament calendar, because he also tries to give some additional information about cheap air flights and hotels. Language: English. by the international arbiter J.C. Templeur, supplies statistics and technical information about tournaments in France, the FIDE-rating of the players, titles and so forth. may also propose the persons concerned how to solve a problem. Language: French.

Chess Olympiad Tromsø 2014 - Tromsø, Norway, aspires to organize the Chess Olympiad in 2014 and has created this website as a part of its marketing. Tromsø gets definitely my vote. Languages: English and Russian.

ChessOrg arranges tournaments in Germany and also combined chess and vacation trips abroad. The activity started when the founder needed company for a trip to a chess tournament in France 30 years ago. Language: German. is a tournament database. You can search for tournament, player, country, organizer, tournament director, pairing program and so on. Languages: English and German.

Chess Rules, managed by Shaun Press, is a platform for the discussion of the FIDE Laws of Chess, and related areas of tournament regulation and organisation.

Czech Tour 2002/2003 - a serie tournaments, which are arranged in different places in Czechia. Language also English.

Die Schachregeln - häufig gestellte Fragen - the international arbitrator Willie Knebel answers FAQ:s about the rules of chess. Language: German.

Stéphane Escafre answers questions from chess players and arbitrers regarding the implementation of different rules in chess - easy or difficult questions do not matter. Language: French.

FantasyChess is a complete platform for chess playing, which concludes with an annual chess tournament between schools, which this year (2006) takes places on December 9 in Epitech, France. The tournament is based on the classical chess rules. Language: French.

FindTournaments. com - website, where you can post a chess event, tournament and so on, in U.S.A. and Canada. Pay-service.

First Saturday Chess Tournaments, managed by Lazlo Nagy, runs tournament activity foremost in Hungary, but also in Yugoslavia.

Four Nations Chess Leauge which, according to the organizisers, is a team tournament over three divisions, with almost 400 players taking part and over £2,500 in cash and other valuable prizes on offer. It is the most prestigious team chess event held in the United Kingdom. In 2002 it expanded to four divisions.

Generation Chess arranged its first chess tournament in U.S.A. in April 2003. GM Maurice Ashley is the driving force.

il kitt dell´arbitro contains all what is needed for organizing and running a chess tournament. Language: Italian. - Spanish tournament organizer, founded by Antonio Fornieles, José David Cabrera and Pedro A. Amat, based in Almería, also promotes chess and sells chess equipment.

Jax Chess Pages is a calendar for chess events and places to play in northeast Florida and southern Georgia.

jogada intelegente is a Brasilian enterprise led by GM Gilberto Milos. The enterprise organizes various competitions, matches and other events in various strategy games, above all chess. Their chess activity is also intended for schools. Language: Portuguese.

Harmen Jonkman from the Netherlands has a well-managed tournament calendar. Language: English.

Kalendarz Szachowy - Polish tournament calendar with a good coverage and an advance planning

Kalli´s Schachturnierkalendar - calendar with information about tournaments from practically whole the world. Languages: German, English and French.

Kydon Sports Club on Crete organized together with the Greek Chess Federation European Club Cup during 2002.

Lindsborg, a town in Kansas, USA, that was founded by Swedish immigrants, arranges regularly chess tournaments. Anatoly Karpov as well as Ulf Andersson took part in the chess tournament in 2003.

L´Open du Parc is the name of the open, international FIDE tournament, which the chess club JÉEN organizes in Paris, usually every Whitsun.

New York Masters, a tournament open only to players above 2200 USCF. Some of the best players compete in the NY Masters every week, an average about 5 GM's per tournament.

Oceania Chess Calendar keep all chess events in order in Oceania, that is Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and a number of island states in the Pacific.

OpenChessMap – Claude Waeckel has created a tournament calendar, which is very easy to use. You can report a tournament using a simple form.

OrganisEchecs - French tournament organizer, that seems to be able to arrange all the practical details around a tournament.

Organiser un tournois d´échecs - manual in PDF format about how to organize chess tournaments by François Dorion. Language: French.

Palamede´s Tournament Calendar in English and French.

Scacchi Randagi - Ugo Veneziani and Ezio Montalbini, with their solid background as tournament organizers, have founded this site to convey their experiences in the whole of Italy. Language: Italian.

Schack4an is a competition for teams consisting of pupils, who are in the fourth form in the Swedish primary schools. The competition is intended for beginners and is based on the concept that all players are important for the team to achieve success.

Sigeman Chess Tournament was arranged for the fifteenth time in 2007 by Limhamns Schackklubb in Sweden. The tournament use to have a strong line-up. Languages: Swedish and English.

The 36th Chess Olympiad took place in Calvià (Majorca) between the 14th and the 31st of October 2004. Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and German.

The 37th Chess Olympiade in Turin takes place between May 20 and June 4 in 2006. The site does not only focus on the Olympiad but it also contains a lot of other chess related information. Languages: English and Italian.

The Chess Olympiad in Dresden 2008 - Deutscher Schachbund and several other German organisations carry out many arrangements before the Olympiad. Language: German.

The Right Move organizes scholastic tournaments in New York since eleven years.

The World Chess Championship 2012 will be a match between the current world champion Viswanathan Anand of India and Boris Gelfand of Israel, winner of the Candidates tournament. The match will be held in Moscow in May 2012. is a tournament calendar first and foremost for Latin America. Tournament organizers can register free information about upcoming events as well as results. - Polish site, that registers tournaments and reports about competitions.

Turnierkalendar "en-passant" has registered information about more than 1600 tournaments since October 1999. There are also links to 200 tournaments with homepages. Languages: German.

Turnierkalender Münsterland - a tournament calendar for Münster and Münsterland in Germany.

Unterlagen für Schachschiedsrichter und Turnierorganisation - here you can find facilities for chess arbiters and tournament administrators. Language: German.

World Chess Championship 2004 is organized by FIDE in Libya from 18 June to 13 July in the form of a knockout tournament. Some grand masters do not participate due to different reasons. The homepage, that contains substantial information about the event, will certainly remain on the web for a while. Language: English.

World Chess Olympiad 2012 takes place in Istanbul (where two continents meet) during the 28th August - 10th of September. You can find all necessary information on this website. 163 registered nations.

World Open, which is arranged every year in Philadelphia, USA, is called the biggest open tournament in the world by the initiators. has organized blitz tournaments in Holland since the year 1996. The first tournament was won by J. Piket.

Xadrez na Comunic in Brazil carries out tournaments for GM and IM norms. Language: Portuguese.

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So called chess blogs (chess web logs) will also be placed in this sub-category.

A blog about chess - Torbjörn Björklund´s ambition is to write his own articles about chess for this blog. For example show chess games, write about chess books he has read, thoughts and reflections on chess. There might even be some thoughts and reflections on other things than chess. Language: English.

Ajedrez - chess 365 days a year. Everything about chess, news, tutorials, openings, endgames, artistic studies, curiosities, famous chess players, blindfold chess, correspondence chess, rapid chess, chess and computers, world champions, history, books, problems and tournaments.

Ajedrez Alex - this blog has been created by a guy who loves the chess world. On his blog you can find many articles about opening studies, position analyses, exercises, theory and curiosities. Language: Spanish.

Ajedrez Altoaragonés - this substantial blog is managed by Javier Fontana, who lives in Huesca, Spain. He is FIDE-Master.

Ajedrezando - Alejandro Melchor publishes primarily position analyses. Language: Spanish.

Ajedrez Mundial is a non-commercial blog, which without a lot of fuss reports about the most important chess news in the world. Besides there is a section with chess problems. Language: Spanish.

Ajedrex Oaxaca is a Mexican club, which advocates manifoldness. There is no owner; the members are opposed to capitalism and everybody contributes in accordance with his capacity. Language: Spanish.

Ajedrez por Sertal - the webmaster, living in Chile, dedicates this blog to his “place of salvation”: chess. He intends to comment on some classical games, inform about important tournaments and include some stories about adversaries he has encountered. Language: Spanish.

Ala de Rei - Francisco Vieira is blogging about many chess related subjects. Language: Portuguese.

Alexandra´s Newsletter - there is no female chess player, who deliberately exploits her beauty so much as Alexandra Kosteniuk. But many are quite willingly to forgive her because she also a good chessplayer.

Alina l´Ami (2331), born in Roumania 1985, but she also lives in Holland. Successful chess player already at the age of ten. She is a multilingual university graduate, with a remarkably entertaining and unaffected style of writing. Language: English.

Ambition, blunders and glimpses of ingenuity is run by the Swedish GM Nils Grandelius, born 1993, with a rating just below 2600 (2012). As he states, "this blog will simply consist of my random thoughts about chess." Language: English.

Amigos del circulo de ajedrez de Villa del Parque - Victor Francia is blogging about his chess club in Buenos Aires, Argentine. Language: Spanish.

Análisis ajedristico - this blog, which seems to be the result of collaboration between several involved players, contains chess analyses and other chess-related articles. The blog was founded in March 2013. Language: Spanish.

And then there was chess - Edward Meyer from the Netherlands started to play chess as a grown-up. However it quickly became one of his main interests. Blog in English.

Artedrez aims at commenting on the relations, which have been maintained or are being maintained between the game of chess on one hand and the literature and the fine arts on the other. Language: Spanish.

Asturianeando por las Catalunyas - Patricia Llaneza Vega (2207) blogs from Catalonia, but is born in Asturia, which explains the title. She is well educated in languages. Language: Spanish.

Torsten Bae, who is the chairman of the Norwegian Chess Federation and besides an IM candidate, has started a blog with good insight into Norwegian chess life.

Blog de Mikel Huerga - Mikel Huerga is IM from Pamplona, Navarra, in Spain.

blog-echecs - Jean-Baptiste Bournisien, who besides chess also takes an interest in bridge, plays in the club Clermont-Ferrand Echecs. Language: French.

Brooklyn 64 is a loose-knit group of friends who play chess at various clubs around New York City, and follow international chess events, ideas, politics, and gossip. This blog is where they think out loud.

Robert Byrne has a chess column, which is published every week in New York Times.

CapaKaspa - with the sub-title "user-friendly chess on the net" - is a blog, which also links you on to a turn-based playsite, that is "user-friendly chess". Language: French.

Magnus Carlsen, number one in the world, when these lines are written, and trained by Garry Kasparov, reports about his tournaments on this blog. Language: English.

CaseTête 64 morceaux - Stephane Drolet wants to introduce chess news, as well as chess players and their analyses, from Quebec, and chess meeting places in Quebec, to the French-speaking chess world.

Celebrate Chess - a celebration of chess as it applies to life and philosophy. Very well-reasoned texts.

Chandler Cornered - the chess column that is slightly different.

Chess & Life - IM Bejtovic Jasmin was born in Bosnia, but now lives in Sweden. He is one of those who consider that life, despite eveything, is indeed long enough for playing chess.

Chess 38 is a blog, that focuses on chess news. Comprehensive coverage of the match Topalov – Kramnik. Language: French.

Chessalee - a female chess player from South Africa blogs from London. Nice and substantial blog, which also contains poetry.

Chess all over the world - Sylvain Ravot´s blog contains chess news, articles about tournaments and players, teaching videos, puzzles, analysed games, selection of links, etc. Sylvain Ravot (2269) is also a professional chess trainer and gives lessons on the net in French or English.

Chess BLOG - John Edwards, well-known American correspondence chess player, has made an attempt at a blog (web log), which is well worth reading.

Chess Blogging UK - Theo van Stratum, who once had an Elo of 2300, has resumed his chess playing. He will report about this and other chess events on his blog.

Chessbuff on chess contains many game analyses, of his own games as well as of other players. publishes an interesting, substantial and weekly newletter.

Chess Cake is baked by the young “cooks” Juliet Auvray, Julie Finkel , Julien Song and Baptiste Gelin according to a special and current chess recipe. The recipe also contains some surprises. Language: French.

Chess Connection has a weekly newsletter.

Chess Doctor publishes a newsletter, which appears monthly. More than 3000 subscribers.

Chess for all ages is managed by Mark Weeks, living in Brussels, Belgium. Motto: “My place to say things about chess that I can't say in the other places where I say things about chess.” The blog is often updated.

Chess Journalists of America is an "organization of chess journalists created to promote high quality chess journalism, to provide assistance to the working journalist through articles and contacts and to recognize chess journalism at its best through an annual awards program". I think their presentation is the best description.

ChessLand - Thierry Cousteix has created this blog, which contains many exerciser for beginners. Language: French.

ChessMoves - a newsletter of the British Chess Federation.

Chess news and events - this blog is managed by Goran Urosevic from Serbia, also an able chess player. Language: English.

Chessnews Weekly is published by Convekta, which above all is known as the producer of ChessAssistant, and contains news from the chess world as well as about the own production.

Chess Skills - John Stripes is a historian, youth chess coach and active player.

Chess Tip of the Day appears every weekday. Tim Harding seems to be responsible.

Chess Today is a daily newsletter about chess, which cost 10 cents a day. The initiator is GM Alex Baburin.

Chess Training - blog about chess training. The motto is: Amateurs practice until they get it right. Professionals practice until they can´t get it wrong.

Chess Watch by Gene Venable with chronicles and articles about everything remarkable in the chess world. - chess news and information from everywhere - is trying a new method. It lists a number of chess blogs, precisely fourteen, and links at the same time to the twelve latest contributions in every blog.

ChEx - the Chief Executive´s blog, managed by Andrew Farthing, Chief Executive of the English Chess Federation, blogs from more than a narrow organizational perspective.

Chroniques d´un joueur d´échecs - curiosities from a blogger, who has been fascinated by the game of chess (previously with the site Echecs & Fab!). Language: French.

Coffee Break Chess is also written by GM Alexander Baburin. Thirty newsletters have so far (January 2002) been published on Chessopolis, but can also be ordered to your e-mail address.

Coko - Eric van Reem´s chronicle about computer chess, chess studies and Fischer Random Chess. Language: German.

Columna de Torres, a blog, mainly specialised in translation and subtitling of audio-visual chess material on the net, lacking subtitles. Language: Spanish.

Comentarios de ajedrez - a blog for enjoying chess and with comments about whatever the authors have in mind. Language: Spanish.

Confessions of a chess novice - the confessions are often about chess books and chess theory.

Critical Chess - a satirical and critical diary for real and would-be chess enthusiasts by Lajos Pagony. Languages: Hungarian and English.

dana blogs chess - Dana MacKenzie, National Master from North Carolina, plays chess not for money or glory but just for the love of the game.

Demobrett, which is managed by Jens-Erik Rudolph, started in May 2008. He analyses among other things his own games. Language: German.

Dennis M´s Chess Site - Dennis Monokroussos, from South Bend, Indiana, enjoys winning as anyone else, and he has had a reasonable amount of success as a competitor, but what keeps him coming back to the game is its beauty. And that´s what this blog is about.

Der Schachzoo - Ilja Schneider from Karlsruhe, Germany, who plays for SF Berlin, reports regularly about his chess activities. Language: German.

Diario de un entrenador - according to the webmaster, Luis Fernández Siles, a site worked out for those who want to learn chess or to teach chess. Language: Spanish.

Die Schachklapse is a blog, that comments current events in the chess world. Language: German.

Philippe Dornbusch - his aim with this blog is rather to amuse and entertain than to instruct. Therefore he lively mixes chess news with digressions to the world of music, film, art and literature. Language: French.

Doubleroo - Aleksandar Wohl, IM from Australia, plays chess here, there and everywhere.

Peter Dove has created this blog, that among other things contains his own game analyses and accounts of his training exercises.

Echecs 64, le blog echecs de C. Bouton - C. Bouton has inter alia been the chief editor for Europé Échecs. He belongs to the 800 best players in France.

Echecs en amateur - here you can find commented games, tactical exercises, useful links and game databases among other things. By the way, the webmaster teach medicine. Language: French.

Echecs-Info - Pierre Barthélémy, journalist on ”Monde", publishes topical chess news from the international arena for the French-speaking public. Echecs-Info takes a break (10/2 2007), maybe permanently.

Echecs par Arrabal - a collection of chess chronicles from August 1999 to November 2002 by Arrabal in L´Express. Language: French.

Echecspassion is a French chess blog. The subtitle is difficult to translate, perhaps: ”Everything that makes up chess, everything that makes you love chess.”

Echecspassion-Tour is sponsored by Milliet Sophie. A ballad about chess in France. Photos, male and female players, youngsters, articles, remarkable things, cities and other things worth to mention. Language: French.

Echecs Variables - this chess blog was created in November 2006 and is already well-frequented. It deals with international and national chess events, as well as regional events from southern France. When these lines are written, the webmaster has published no less than 270 articles. Language: French.

Echecs-x – the radioactive site! Game analyses, portraits, tips, recommended books. For those who want to improve the quality of their chess play. Language: French.

El Blog de Ajedrez Alex Rodriquez - here you can find current international chess news, chess videos, endgame analyses, a new chess problem every day, opening studies and chess links. Language: Spanish.

El Cubo de Rubik is managed by Antonio Gude and frequently updated. The blog mainly discusses opening theory. Language: Spanish

Electronic T-notes by Steve Lopez from ChessBaseUSA gives pieces of advice on how to use ChessBase and Fritz.

Eloplus - Stefan Speck points out in his presentation that the sole purpose with his blog is to publish his played games, with or withour comments. Language: German.

Entwicklungsvorsprung - blog with the subtitle ”reflections about the amusing things of the weekday and on the 64 squares”. Many game analyses. Language: German.

Flowerkrauts Schachallerlei discusses everything possible, but mostly chess. Language: German.

Gambit - The New York Times Chess Blog will cover tournaments and events, trends and developments. Reader comments and questions will be more than welcome.

Steve Giddin´s Chess blog - Steve Giddin, FIDE Master, chess author and Russian translator, concentrates on game analyses.

Mark Ginsburg´s chief motivation for this site is to present interesting games that for the most part are not yet included in any electronic databases. Who Mark Ginsburg is, is evident from this mention by Susan Polgar.

Grow with chess - it is much more than a game. “Chess is more than openings, tactics, and gambits - it's a life long journey that can and will teach you so much more.”

Guardian - this British newspaper also has a chess section.

Hard Chess contains a collection of Mark Morss´ columns, foremost devoted to chess theory.

Carlos Hemmers has a chess blog with news, links, reviews and – adventures. There is also a list with other chess blogs. Language: English.

John B. Henderson writes an almost daily chronicle in The Scotsman and TWIC.

Historias de ajedrez - Michael Rahal, IM from Catalonia, publishes interesting games and positions from important tournaments, as well as his own games. Language: Spanish.

Hobbyschach - chess from an amateur player´s perspective. The blogger discovered his passion for the chess whilst in his early forties. Language: German.

Imchess - an Indian chess journalist is covering global chess events and interesting articles and observations.

Inte bara schack (Not only chess) - Lars Grahn, chief editor for Tidskrift för schack and a chess columnist in Sydsvenska Dagbladet, has many strings on his bow but still time for this excellent blog. Language: Swedish.

Jake de Alphil - Eduardo Daniel Briano principally analyses games on his blog: Motto: “Chess is so exciting, because you never find the final truth during the battle.” Language: Spanish.

Johanna - Johanna, who plays for SK Framåt in Kalmar, southern Sweden, writes about chess from a female perspective.

Marcelo Jorquera from Chile calls his blog "Bitácora de un ajedrecista" – in English ”A chess player´s binnacle (place for the compass)”. The aim of the blog is to spread news articles, experiences and comments on the scientific sport. Language: Spanish.

Raymond Keene publishes a chess chronicle, which usually contains an annotated game and a chess problem, six days a week in Times.

Kenilworth Chess Club has a comprehensive list of chess blogs. The rest of the site is absolutely also worth a visit.

Kenyan Chess Blog is managed by Edwin Korir and gives a daily insight in Kenyan chess activities.

Kiwi Chess reports about chess in New Zealand from a “palmy” perspective. ”Palmy” in this context is ambiguous. It could mean 1) flourishing; 2) shaded with palms; or 3) palmlike.

Konfys analys is managed by Emil Lindahl, a psychology student and "sometimes chess enthusiastic amateur writer". He plays for Växjö/Glasrikets SA and has a national rating of 2239. Language: Swedish.

Kunstschach und mehr - Siegfried Hornecker has been blogging about everything concerning chess since November 2007. Language: German.

Le Blog de l´Orang-Utan (1.b4) treats the Orangutang opening. Language: French.

LeChessBlog - the site of Gilbert Miralles (2487) contains chess news, information about courses as well as tournaments and competitions in his surroundings. Language: French.

Le jeu d´échecs un veritable passion - Jean-Michel Delfosse, also named Zenman, has constructed a game database online. It could be somewhat difficult to find on the homepage. You can replay the games from many important tournaments directly. Language: French.

Les Chroniques des Echecs treats everything that concerns the subject of chess: news, problems, videos and quizz. Language: French.

Les rois maudits - Vincent de Parades is an ordinary chess player from Paris, who publishes positions, which he has found interesting due to their beauty. Language: French.

Libreria Seneca - Spanish retailer, which publishes a newsletter, which not only contains product information but also analyses and commented games.

Peter Long - with experience as player, writer, trainer and arbiter and a past - blogs from Malaysia. Language: English.

Lossos Schachblog - Sven-Hendrik Loßin, who created this blog in the autumn 2009, analyses many of his own games. Language: German.

Lousyatchess - it is absolutely not certain that the webmaster is that bad in chess as the title indicates. Here you can also find some interesting observations on chess programs.

Marsh Towers - Sean Marsh blog contains at least 150 chess reviews.

Mas ajedrez is a blog, which contains everything possible about chess. Language: Spanish.

Meko - some of Hartmut Metz chess chronicles have also been translated to English.

Meta Chess is a section, that is managed by Jörg Siedel, and associated with SK König-Plauen. His literary activity is marked by his opinion that most of the chess writings only come up to modest demands of quality and therefore he wants to raise the level. Main language German, but also in English and Italian.

George Mirijanian has published his columns every Sunday in Sentinel & Enterprise newspaper in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA, since 1969. The columns cover chess of all levels and areas and have been awarded by Chess Journalists of America. Click on "Columnists".

Noticias Ajedrez Tenerife contains local and international information with splendid columns by Angel Jiménez. Language: Spanish.

Notichess is a daily newsletter. Its purpose is to deliver the latest and the most important chess news from the whole world to the subscriber´s mailbox. Archive in PDF format as well as game archives in PGN or CBV format. Language: Spanish.

Oksana´s blog - Oksana Vovk (2204),who plays in Danish national women team, is also a multilingual business developer with many other interests. Language: Danish.

Carl Papazian: vidéos et PGN - the blog contains tips about chess videos and games in PGN format. Language: French.

Peão dobrado, which probably means ”doubled pawn”, is a very well-done and substantial blog in Portuguese.

Robert Pearson´s Chess Blog - Robert Pearson, an ordinary club player, blogs from Reno in Nevada, USA.

Pokemon Chess - Frederic and Charlotte Sellier from Dieppe in France have been blogging about chess since February 2007. Language: French.

Susan Polgar Chess Blog - on this site she provides chess enthusiasts with updates on her chess activities as well as commentary on important chess news from around the world.

Pousseurs de bois is a chess blog, that is about an amateur, who is exerting himself to become a better chess player. The French title is difficult to translate – ”pousseur” means a ”boat which is pushing barges before itself” and ”bois” means ”wood”. Maybe ”piece pusher”?

Rank zero is a satire blog, which according to the author exaggerates, or distorts if you prefer, small and big absurdities (especially from fields as chess, mathematics, literature and local geography, history and folklore from Mecklenburg) into the grotesque. Language: German.

Reino de Caissa, with the subtitle ”Chess and literature”, is managed by the Brazilian Fernando Melo. He is a chess player, with a special fondness for Bird´s opening, retired journalist, author of some books, among other things a biography about Bobby Fischer and much else. Language: Portuguese.

Reydama deals primarily with game analyses with the focus on openings. Language: Spanish.

Daniel Roos, IM and chess trainer for the French Chess Federation, publishes a selection of chronicles on his homepage. The chronicles have previously been published in Dernìeres Nouvelles d´Alsace. Language: French.

Scacchierando – this blog, founded in autumn 2005, is managed by Stefano Bellincampi, and is often updated with chess news. Language: Italian.

Schaakpraat - well-filled blog in Dutch, which started on 26th November in 2006.

Schachblog, which is managed by the journalist and the International Master Stefan Löffler, gives the background to international, German and Austrian chess events. The blog is open for guest contributions and of course for comments. Language: German.

Schachblog CN is a private, non-commercial blog, where all registered user can participate with contributions and comments. Language: German.

Schachblätter - ”a lumber-room of two times 32 squares” is managed by Carsten Herrmann and Stefan Kalhorn. Language: German.

Schachbullen-Blog is managed by Frank Hoppe, chess functionary and player. At the moment (24.04.11) he´s also in a fight with the weighing-machine. Language: German.

Schachfieber - the blog is managed by Wilhelm Schlemermeyer and deals with questions about chess training. He publishes his own reviews, analyses, lessons, videos as well as various finds from Internet. Language: German.

Schachwelt - a blog run by an impressive team with GM Jörg Hickl at the head. Language: German.

Schacksnack (previously Schackforum). The expectation is that “Schacksnack” will inspire the visitors to take active part, by writing comments to the contributions and also to debate in the well-known forum, which has been inherited from Schackforum. Schacksnack also publishes current interesting games, which can be replayed on the website. Language: Swedish.

Schack på klubbspelarnivå - Johny Johansson has, as far as I know, created the first Swedish chess blog.

Schack-trulpen - the blog´s unusual name (at least for a Swede) depends in its turn that the webmaster has an unusual surname as well. But he likes chess very much all the same.

Scid Daily - a daily newsletter providing Scid (a free game database) users with hints and tips, opening theory ideas and a bit of chess entertainment.

Simplemente ajedrez!! - Nibaldo Calvo Buides is economist, journalist, chess player and chess trainer, originally from Cuba, but now living in Mexico. His site provides sales outlet for chess literature. Language: Spanish.

Sjakkfantomet - Sven Wisloff Nilssen presents himself as a superannuated chess player with a continuous passion for the game. Superannuated and superannuated – actually he has some titles in his luggage. Language: Norwegian.

Sam Sloan has a home page, where he publishes his wilful, funny, sometimes bizarre reports from the world of chess.

Joachim Solbergs sjakkblogg reports about Norwegian tournament chess but regularly publishes chess problems to crack too.

Starting out: Flo-Chess - a blog by Florian Hahn about his chess adventures, his club and about chess events in the whole world. Language: German.

Streatham & Brixton Chess Club – this blog reports about how the club´s teams are getting on in the London, Surrey and Croyden Leagues – but much else besides, like puzzles, news, games, and general interest articles. The blog is updated around once per day.

Tablajedrez - Javier G. Maneiro seems to have started this blog in October 2007. Openings and game analyses are in the focus of his interest. Language: Spanish.

Tablero de Análisis - chess in its pure form: news, games, analyses, important tournaments and much more. Language: Spanish.

The Chess Express e-mail newsletter - every week the London Chess Centre publishes an e-mail newsletter with breaking news, annotated games, puzzles, trivia quizzes, and information about the latest books and products in its chess shop.

The Chess Mind - a blog for chess fans, by the chess fan Dennis Monokroussos. He also produces chess videos. You can find his old blog here.

The Closet Grandmaster blogs from Sydney in Australia. ”Chess is very simple. He goes there, I go here. I go there, he goes here.” You just have to agree.

The Guardian, British newspaper, has a chess section on the net.

The Hindu publishes a daily chess chronicle. Look at ”Sports” – chess use to come prior to cricket.

There and Back Again - this blog, previously called “An Unemployed Fellow", has been present on the web since May 2008. Vinay Bhat is not just anybody; he became the youngest national master in US history, breaking Bobby Fischer’s record by two years.

The Telegraph Chess Club - The Telegraph has enlisted three distinguished columnists, Malcom Pein, David Norwood and Nigel Short, to cover all the most important matches in the world chess calendar.

Tour à tour - Jean-Pierre Mercier, who also is an able player, writes chess columns for Liberation. This is his freedom blog. Language: French.

Ole Valaker, also a chess journalist, often updates his blog, which has been discovered by many visitors in a short time. Language: Norwegian.

Varingen´s chess column - Hugo Parr started a chess column in Varingen, a local newspaper in Nittedal, Norway, in 2005. He is concentrating on analyses of decisive move combinations in played games.

Jim West on chess with the sub-title “From Howard Staunton to Howard Stern”. Jim West is a very good club player from New York, who also blogs diligently.

World of Chess - Rob Mitchell from Nashville, Tennessee, started this chess blog on February 23 2005. The site “is intended to become a haven for the lovers of the game of chess and the drinkers of fine coffee.”

Xadres Feminino no Brasil - this is a meeting-place and a discussion forum for female, Brazilian chess players. Language: Portuguese.

Zeitnot! started in August 2006. Maybe the first chess blog in Catalan?

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