The starting point for this link collection has been that it should be easy to navigate. Therefore I have created different categories and subcategories and sorted the sites in them, which sometimes is difficult. It is not always very easy to categorize a site.

I have commented on every link. The extent of the comment is sometimes directly related to the degree of my interest of the site in question. In some cases my comments might be noncommital. You should not have to click through all links in order to see if there is something useful. Furthermore I have sometimes arranged that a site with different functions to be sorted in several categories, so that the visitor will not miss it.

I have not had the ambition to compete with the most extensive link collections on the net, as for example Clink´s link collection and that of Chessopolis, in spite of the fact that this link collection starts with about 700 links (of which some intentionally are duplicates). There are other things in life than chess. The intention with this link collection is simply to function as a portal, a gateway, that it shall work as a guide to the best and the most interesting in chess on the Internet similar to sites that with the best online casino lists.

I have also visited all the websites, which are registered in this link collection. The degree of penetration varies of course. I am grateful for all comments on The Chess Portal and I will appreciate all suggestions on new, interesting links. I plan to update The Chess Portal every fortnight.

Per-Åke Lindblom

Stockholm, Sweden


19 01 2002



The Chess Portal was submitted to Internet the 20th of January 2002. The Swedish version, Schackportalen, was registered on FIDE´s Top Chess Sites the 12th of November 2001.